Jamendo and Podiobooks: free audio content

[2009-04-29] music, computers
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For private users, listening to the music on Jamendo and downloading it is free, for commercial users (restaurants, video content producers), it is an interesting alternative to the GEMA rights management association. Artists that put their content on Jamendo have no up-front costs (which makes it very appealing for less popular artists) and their contract is non-exclusive, they are free to persue other revenue streams. Artists and Jamendo make money in several ways:

  • Commercial use: Jamendo gets 50% (which is relatively high, but no up-front costs and non-exclusivity often make it worth it). Note that if a commercial user wants popular hits, she still has to turn to the more expensive GEMA in Germany.
  • Donations: Jamendo gets 50 cents (Euro) per transaction.
  • Advertising in audio streams and on web pages: the artist gets 50% (this is a new revenue stream for artists).
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