Taskfox: a GUI command line for the web

[2009-04-29] web
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The idea of GUI command lines is cool: you have a text field where you enter textual commands with your keyboard. The results are displayed as a graphical user interface with buttons, images, etc. This is fast, because typing is usually quicker than clicking; it scales well, because one does not have the commands to make them accessible; and it is easy to discover the available functionality, because one can use the GUI to show possible completions for what has been entered already, or to browse the commands by category etc. These GUI command lines have a long history whose examples include Emacs, Oberon, and Quicksilver. The latest ideas come from Mozilla: Taskfox is a GUI command line for Firefox. If you want to find out more, I recommend a video introducing Taskfox and the Taskfox home page.