I've found a use for microblogging (Twitter etc.)

[2009-07-15] media, computers
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I'm still not sure I entirely understand all the fuss about Twitter. Microblogging feels like an exhibitionist version of cell phone texting: “Look everyone, I'm eating something yummy right now”. It occupies a curious niche between instant messaging, chat rooms, and blogging. But, looking for a good way of blogging links, I've found that it fits my needs perfectly:

  • New entries are simple to create. For link blogs, one only needs a short description and a link.
  • By exporting to RSS or Atom, I can include the link blog in the side bar of my main blog.
I initially tried Twitter, but it turns URLs into micro-URLs such as http://bit.ly/zd5p0. By introducing another level of indirection, linking becomes a lot more brittle: Should bit.ly ever shut down, all my links would be lost. Thus, I looked at Plurk, but finally decided on FriendFeed, because it does not have a limit on how long one's text can be.

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