32bit Java 6 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

[2009-08-24] apple, dev, java, mac
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This is great news and confirms my prior suspicions. Finally, one can safely target Java 6 on the Mac, as I expect PPC Macs to become slowly irrelevant and most users to upgrade to Snow Leopard.
Update 2009-08-29: We finally have more reliable confirmation that 32bit Macs will be able to run Java 6 on Snow Leopard. This is a big deal and I don’t understand why Apple hasn’t made this more public.
Update 2009-09-02: More information on this topic, including how-tos for getting Eclipse running with Java 6.
Update 2010-12-05: Java on Mac OS X Lion: the redux. News on what will happen to Java on Mac OS 10.7.