Java 7 will have closures!

[2009-11-19] dev, java
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These pages have the details:

  • Closures after all?” is continually updated with new links and information.
  • Gafter’s “Closures for Java” has been updated with the new syntax which closely resembles FCM. Thus, the new closures use FCM syntax and (a simplified version of) Gafter’s type system. Correction: Gafter’s spec was written 2 weeks before Devoxx, as an attempt at a compromise between the competing proposals.
  • Reinier Zwitserloot has more background on how everything came about.
  • Update 2009-11-22: Stephen Colebourne gives an overview of the current situation.
  • Update 2009-12-03: Mark Reinhold posts “Closures for Java: The Q&A”.