JavaScript will (probably) be moving forward

[2009-11-24] dev, javascript, webdev
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A quick recap of JavaScript history: For a long time, ECMAScript 4 was a really feature-rich proposal for a next generation JavaScript. It even included optional typing! Sadly, the involved parties prevented this proposal from ever becoming a standard. Instead ECMAScript “Harmony” was proposed that changed very little so that everyone could agree on it. In order to avoid confusion that proposal was called ECMAScript 5. In the video “ECMA Harmony and the Future of JavaScript”, Brendan Eich talks about ECMAScript 5 history and possible future features. And this is where it gets interesting. Among the features that might make it are catchalls (functions that supervise how an object is accessed), classes as object facories, concurrency, iterators (to abstract iteration), generators, runtime type-like guards, versioning. Modules are being worked on at, as a library. More on the proposed features can be found at the ECMAScript wiki.