Gestural computing: use your hands without touching

[2009-12-27] hci, computers
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Gestural computing could be the answer to adopting multi-touch for desktop computers, where it hasn’t caught on as much as on cell phones. Gestural computing records hand movements in front of your computer. Thus, you don’t have to touch (and smudge) your screen and 3D gestures become possible. Not having to touch means that you don’t have to get as close, which is a good fit for current desktop setups where the monitor stands apart from the keyboard (=your hands). When typing a lot, you can just lift your hand briefly, perform a gesture, and then continue typing. In full gesture mode, you’ll probably look a bit like Tom Cruise in Minority Report (minus the gloves). As mentioned in the article, touchless operation is a big plus in public spaces where hygiene really matters (just think about all the people touching an ATM screen).