Cooking thermometers

[2010-06-17] howto, life, food, scitech
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Following an idea of my brother’s, I’ve used a cooking thermometer today for the first time and it’s great. This is how it works: If you have a big chunk of meat to cook (in the oven, in a pressure cooker, etc.), it is usually difficult to guess when the meat is really done. With a cooking thermometer it is easy: Stick it into the hot meat, measure the temperature at the core and look up in a table how hot the core is when the meat is finished. Digital cooking thermometers can be used for multiple purposes: To measure the temperature of liquids, meat, etc. In contrast to digital thermometers, analog thermometers are left with the meat while it is being heated (useful, because you don’t have to open the container around the meat—if it is transparent). But they cannot measure much else, because it takes them time to pick up the temperature and they are not very sensitive.