Simple cooking: chunky scrambled eggs

[2010-06-22] howto, life, food
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If you want something simple to cook, you can try this way of preparing scrambled eggs:

  • Per person, use 2-4 eggs
  • Put all the egg content in a bowl, use a fork to rupture the yolks. Don’t do much more. Not mixing the yolk and the egg white prior to moving the eggs into the pan gives the final result its chunky consistency and makes sure that you don’t destroy the protein.
  • Heat the pan at medium heat.
  • Melt butter in the pan (you can also use oil or margarine). The butter is for both limiting how much the egg sticks to the pan and for adding flavor, so you can adjust the amount according to your taste.
  • Put the eggs into the pan. Stir by constantly removing the more solid bottom layer to make way for the softer top layer. Don’t let the eggs become too hard, you want a softer consistency than sunny-side up. Feel free to experiment with any hardness between soft-boiled and sunny-side up.
  • Only salt afterward, to preserve the eggs.