Apple, please give us a wired trackpad!

[2010-07-27] apple, computers
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This is one instance where I hate Apple’s minimalism: They have just introduced “Magic Trackpad” as an alternative to the “Magic Mouse”. And both input devices are cordless. The less wires, the better, you say? In general, I agree, but in this case, having a wire means that one doesn’t have to rely on batteries. And as long as batteries age and are bad for the environment, that is a big plus. Furthermore, Apple has already largely fixed the problem of input device wires, by making their keyboard a USB hub. Then, mouse or trackpad connect directly to the keyboard and only need a relatively short wire which almost never gets in the way. To summarize: not needing a battery = magic. I understand that some people prefer Bluetooth devices, but having a wire should still be an option.

Do you agree? Then let Apple know.

As an aside: Trackpads for input are great and will probably replace mice long-term. With gestures, one takes the idea of the scrolling wheel (an action, directly accessible) and extends it to many kinds of operations: zooming, going to the next page, etc. Trackpads might also be the way to add multi-touch to desktop devices.

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