Free text book on RDF (foundation of Semantic Web)

[2010-07-02] semantic web, dev, textbook
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My dissertation is online. While many chapters are specific to the topic of the dissertation, some chapters of it should be very readable introductions to RDF and related ideas such as Linked Data. While RDF is the foundation of the Semantic Web, there are two communities using it:

  1. RDF as a knowledge representation: This community is concerned with semantics, ontologies, etc.
  2. RDF as data: This community uses RDF as next-generation relational database
The focus of this dissertation is (2). Recommended reading:
  • Part I: Background. Explains RDF, Linked data on the web, folksonomies, ontologies, schema and ontology languages.
  • Part VI: Related work. Mentions work that is related to Hyena: information management, hypertext, etc.