The new Blogger editor is great

[2010-07-27] dev, blogger
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In case you haven’t noticed: Blogger has a new editor (you have to explicitly enable it). And it’s great: No more window-global dialogs (e.g. to enter the URL of a link). True previews of a post. Bullet lists that can be indented. Breaks between the introduction and the main article. A resizable editor field. Shortcuts for applying font styles. Etc. In short, it fixes most of my complaints. A few wishes remain:

  • Touch support: WYSIWYG composing is not supported on iPhone/iPad and dragging the corner of the editor to resize does not work.
  • Navigation (between posting, settings, etc.) could be more streamlined: Some operations should be easier to reach, others should be harder to reach (e.g., how often do you change the design of your blog?), there is some clash between the tabs and the bar at the top, etc. Mozilla has performed a user interface study to solve this kind of problem for Firefox.
  • Paste without formatting should be the default.
  • Leftovers from my past wishes: Smart quotes, tables, inserting symbols, wider layouts (mentioned in the comments), paragraph styles (headings, pre, ...).
But, apart from that, I am very happy with the new editor.