Call centers: 3 ideas for improving the experience

[2010-08-27] idea, life
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Call centers are everywhere these days. And they have already much improved: Outsourcing is less common, voice recognition is used, etc. Here are 3 things call centers could do to further improve their user experience:

  • Let the caller know how many people are “standing in line”. This gives you a feeling for progress and tells you whether you should wait or try another time.
  • Let the call center operator know how long a person waited in line. This gives him or her a rough indication what mood he or she will be in.
  • I’m not sure if this makes sense, but one could also pair callers and operators based on where the caller is currently located or on where the caller is from. This can facilitate the communication. For example, dialects from one part in Germany can be very hard to understand for people from other parts.