Addendum to the Apple 2010 fall event

[2010-09-02] apple, computers
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Background information on the Apple 2010 fall event:

  • iPod nano: is probably not based on iOS, but rather the old Pixo iPod OS.
  • Ping...
    • turns iTunes into even worse of a kitchen sink than it already is. Thinking about how iTunes could be broken up, it is interesting to note that on iOS, the corresponding functionality (play music, play videos, buy music/videos, ...) is already available via several apps.
    • is great for Apple, because it allows them to data-mine (which they can’t risk with the Genius feature).
    • is currently music-only, would make great sense for movies, too.
  • AirPlay: works with compatible devices other than Apple tv. It is not sure, if it will work with Macs, though (as receivers as opposed to senders).
[Source for some of the above: The Talk Show]