Idea: simple check-in for small items that are illegal on airplanes

[2010-09-16] idea, life
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Boy is it ever becoming complicated to fly these days: Because airlines want to save costs, you usually have to pay for checking in luggage on short-distance flights. But what you can bring in your hand luggage is extremely limited: no lighters, no sprays (as in deodorants), no pocket knives, etc. It would be nice if there was a way to quickly check in these small items without having to pay for them. They could be handed in at the security check and would be transported in the cabin, but locked away from passengers. Alas, considering how many passengers there are on even mid-sized airplanes, this is probably not feasible. But I’m sure it would be a competitive advantage for the first airline that does this. Maybe just for business class and first class?

Additional idea: a pocket knife without blades so that it can be carried in one’s hand luggage.