The first Windows Phone 7 commercial

[2010-10-11] mobile, computers
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The first commercial for Windows Phone 7 is weird. It makes the correct observation that we use our cell phones too much. This part is really well done and I’m sure that many people agree, especially parents of teenagers. The commercial then goes on to propose Windows Phones as saving us from our phones, because they are “designed to get you in and out and back to life.” But don’t we use our phones in the manner shown when we want to escape life as it currently is (boring situations, separated from loved ones, etc.)? Wouldn’t it be better to show us how to live more efficiently with a Windows Phone, instead of ridiculing current phones (or rather, their users)? Not a very inspiring message (i.e., a negative one).
[Source: Daring Fireball]

Update 2010-10-13:

  • Idea: Wouldn’t the commercial work better if it dropped the slogan of saving us from our phones and instead revealed that the phones that the people are glued to are Windows Phones?
  • Business Insider additionally shows a second ad and almost paraphrases what I have written above.
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