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A preview of webOS 3 and where it’s better than the iPad

[2011-04-15] mobile, webos, computers, tablet
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PreCentral has a guided tour of HP’s webOS 3.0 Beta 1 running on an emulator. The following is a list of things that webOS 3 does better than the iPad. List and screenshots after the break.

  • Device menu (see image below): always present in the top right corner, with: full date, battery percentage, brightness, airport mode on/off, rotation lock, mute sound, etc.
  • Notifications (see image below): Incoming messages are briefly displayed in the status bar, and later available via a global menu. The same menu allows one to pause music etc.
  • The app launcher has named tabs, which I prefer to Apple’s nameless scheme.
  • There is one more row of keys on the virtual keyboard. It must be great to have numbers and characters such as parentheses directly available.
  • Exhibition: configure what is shown directly after coming out of sleep (clocks etc.). Will support plug-ins. This has great potential for using a tablet as a nightstand. Or just for general customization.
  • Email (see image below): has a three-pane display (all folders, current folder, current message). Individual panes can be expanded to fill the screen.
According to HP, “planned availability” for the TouchPad is “this summer”.

The Device menu. [Source: PreCentral]

The Notifications menu, with icons giving a summary of its content. [Source: PreCentral]

The email client. You can hide the left-most column or maximize the message to full screen, by dragging the handles at the bottom. [Source: PreCentral]

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