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HTC is not locking Android bootloaders, any more

[2011-05-28] htc, mobile, android, computers
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This [1] is a big deal: HTC won’t lock its Android bootloaders, any more. Quotes from the post:

  • HTC has thrown down the gauntlet with carriers. [...] Carriers use [...] exclusives as key opportunities to push their brand and establish and protect revenue streams, and a big part of that involves locking you into a branded ROM. In light of this announcement, HTC can no longer promise its carrier partners that it’ll play ball on that
  • They’re taking on some additional warranty liability (and bringing carriers along for the ride, whether they like it or not).
  • It’s a tacit admission that Sense isn’t for everyone.
What does this mean for users? If you are not a technical user, not much. If you are, though, it is a big deal: You’ll be able to easily root all HTC devices and, among other things, to get a pure Android experience. The announcement on Facebook has already lead to many comments.

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