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Google will stop supporting older browsers

[2011-06-07] dev, google, webdev
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Quoting the article “Google to abandon older browsers” [via @annavester]:

As a result, from 1 August, Google will only support what it calls "modern browsers". By this it means the latest versions and major prior releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

As new versions of these are released, Google will get its web services working with that and then drop support for the third-oldest version.

Support in this sense means that Google will only do compatibility testing with more up-to-date browsers. It will not carry out tests with older programmes and can make no guarantees that web services will work with them.

  • You can also read Google’s original post.
  • Radical move, but it might help move web technologies forward.
  • I like the way @elijahmanor summarizes this news: “When IE10 comes out they’ll only support IE10 & IE9”
  • Opera: is not among the four browsers explicitly supported by Google. Note that that doesn’t necessarily mean that Google’s apps won’t run on it, just that they won’t test on it.