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Samsung to merge its Bada and Tizen mobile operating systems – Intel still on board?

[2012-01-14] intel, mobile, tizen, dev, samsung
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Quoting “Samsung Merging Its Bada OS With Intel-Backed Tizen Project” by Elizabeth Woyke for Forbes [via Ariya Hidayat]:

Samsung is still deciding how exactly to utilize Bada and Tizen in upcoming products. Kang said Bada will probably be deployed in Samsung’s lower-powered phones, such as those that run on a single-core processor. Bada could also come to non-phone devices; “We haven’t ruled that out,” Kang said. Tizen is better suited for higher-powered devices that don’t run on Android or Windows Phone, he said.

Bada/Tizen could eventually power a lot of Samsung products, but the transition will take time. Kang said Tizen will probably find its way to “at least one to two” Samsung devices this year. ”Tizen will not become Samsung’s main operating platform anytime soon,” he added.

Smart move. Until now, you had to wonder how Tizen fit into Samsung’s overall strategy. Now they are migrating the more proprietary and relatively simple Bada to an open operating system based on web technologies.

What about Intel? It’s nice to see the previous doubts regarding the support for Tizen [2] go away. Now it won’t matter as much whether Intel backs Tizen or not. On 2012-01-02, the The Handheld Blog asked in a tweet:

Did Intel just quietly pull out of Tizen?
A link points to the TIZEN Association’s new board of directors, which has no Intel representative.

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