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A guide to 2ality’s posts on the JavaScript language

[2012-08-25] 2ality, dev, guide, javascript, jslang
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This blog post gives an overview of the 2ality posts on language aspects of JavaScript. All of those posts have the label jslang. Consult the sitemap for a list of all guides.

Last date covered by this guide: 2012-08-25

Getting started

If you are just getting started with JavaScript, I recommend the following material:


Variables, values: Operators: Objects, properties, inheritance: Standard library: Various syntactic constructs: ECMAScript versions:


Objects, properties, inheritance: Values, operators: Arrays: Eval and meta-programming: Miscellaneous


Values, operators: Arrays: Objects, properties, inheritance: Numbers: Miscellaneous:


History, philosophy, etc.: Theory Technology: Various:


Underscore.js [all posts on Underscore]: Other: