2ality is a blog about JavaScript, TypeScript and web development. It was started in March 2005.

Praise for 2ality  

“The 2ality blog, from Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, is in competition with no one. It’s simply in a league of its own. To date I am not aware of any other blogger thinking deeper, or writing consistently, about the JavaScript language. Especially in detail about the foundations of the language (i.e. ES3) and the evolution of the specification found in ES5 and ES6. If you write JavaScript, you should be consuming almost everything that he posts. All of his articles are likely more relevant and reflective of the ECMA specifications than most JavaScript books.”
— Cody Lindley, author of “jQuery Enlightenment”, “JavaScript Enlightenment” and “DOM Enlightenment

“An absolute favorite. It’s one of the go-to blogs for consistent information about current and future versions of ECMAScript.”
— Addy Osmani, engineer on the Chrome team at Google, author of “Essential JavaScript Design Patterns” and “Developing Backbone.js Applications

“I’ve never met or spoken with Dr. Axel Rauschmayer but when I found his site I had a ‘holy crap this dude is sharp’ moment. When you read his posts, you’ll see why. They’re DEEP, like into the bowels of ECMAScript deep. Really awesome stuff.”
– Rey Bango (developer evangelist at Microsoft, former member of the jQuery team) in the article “Required JavaScript Reading

“The 2ality blog consistently offers extremely detailed yet perfectly understandable write-ups about the ECMAScript language.”
— Mathias Bynens, creator of jsPerf, editor of javascript.spec.whatwg.org.

“Probably the best JavaScript blog I’ve seen on the web.”
— Mitch Pronschinske, Senior Content Curator at DZone

“My favorite blog.”
— Dave Barton, WebKit committer, founder of Mathscribe

“I enjoy reading 2ality.com, which is really inspiring, useful and informative.”
— Alexander Biryukov, Lead Developer at DoubleGIS, organizer of CodeFest conference (Novosibirsk)


The 2ality blog is written by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer:

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