Directories for JavaScript resources

[2013-08-04] dev, javascript, jslib
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I recently asked on Twitter whether people knew any good directories for JavaScript libraries and got several good answers.

I was only aware of the following two directories:

  • JSDB: a collection of the best JavaScript libraries”
  • Microjs: fantastic micro-frameworks and micro-libraries for fun and profit”
More directories: Obviously, you can always directly browse the registries of package managers (as suggested by Manuel Strehl). For example: Directories for CDNs (content delivery networks, [1]) and CDN content (via @elijahmanor):
  • jsDelivr: free CDNs for JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, CSS frameworks, fonts and more
  • cdnjs: the missing CDN” [hosts less popular libraries]
Directories for various other resources:
  • The Toolbox: a directory of the best time-saving apps and tools” (via @elijahmanor)


  1. Let a big company host your JavaScript libraries