My new book: “Setting up ES6”

[2016-01-01] book, esnext
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My latest book is called “Setting up ES6”. It covers the following topics:

  • A cheat sheet for deploying ECMAScript 6
  • Example setups (skeleton projects that you can download from GitHub):
    • ES6 in browsers via webpack and Babel
    • ES6 in Node.js via Babel (compiled dynamically or statically)
  • How to configure Babel 6, including a clear explanation of how it interacts with CommonJS modules

Setting up ES6” was conceived as a companion to my other book, “Exploring ES6”:

  • Exploring ES6” is supposed to remain relevant for a longer time, so that a print edition makes sense (which I still intend to publish, hopefully by mid-2016).
  • Setting up ES6” will age more quickly. It mainly documents my attempts to understand how Babel 6 works. In a way, you could call it “Setting up Babel 6”. But it has a slightly broader scope, especially the first chapter on deploying ES6.

Happy reading – the contents of “Setting up ES6” are free to read online. If you like the book then you can support my work by buying the offline version (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).