Three useful Babel presets

[2016-09-10] dev, javascript, babel, esnext
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As of version 6, Babel supports presets, sets of features that can be enabled together. This blog post looks at three new useful Babel presets (and, as a bonus, two presets especially for Node.js).

Complementing or replacing babel-preset-es2015  

These two presets are useful complements to babel-preset-es2015 (for ES6):

Note that if you want all of ES2017 (as much as it is supported by Babel) then you need three presets: es2015, es2016 and es2017. Alternatively, there is also a meta-preset:

  • babel-preset-latest will always contain all the “yearly” presets. At the moment, those are: es2015, es2016 and es2017.

Bonus: minimal presets for Node.js  

  • babel-preset-es2015-node replaces babel-preset-es2015. It checks the Node.js version and only enables plugins whose functionality is missing (not much in recent versions).

  • babel-preset-latest-minimal replaces babel-preset-latest. It determines what plugins are needed via feature detection. As the repository’s readme states: that only makes sense for Node.js, but not for browsers.

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