Requirements: RDF and social applications

[2009-07-30] semantic web, social, dev

Detexify: draw to find a LaTeX symbol

[2009-07-20] latex, hack, computers

Emacs org-mode: notes, planning, authoring – in plain text

[2009-07-19] hci, software, computers, organizing

CSS layout: soon good enough for GUIs

[2009-07-18] dev, webdev, layout

Do you need a software license?

[2009-07-11] dev, law, web, software engineering

What is the appeal of Ajax and GWT?

[2009-07-02] gwt, dev, webdev


GWT's future: 2.0 and my wishes

[2009-06-26] gwt, dev


Multiple dispatch: a fix for some problems of single dispatch (Java etc.)

[2009-05-01] programming languages, pl fundamentals, dev, java, software engineering
Almost all well-known object oriented languages (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, ...) have single dispatch: Methods are chosen depending on the (single) receiver of a message. On the other hand, there is multiple dispatch which is an interesting mix of functional method selection with mutable state. It is used in less-known object-oriented languages such as Common Lisp.

In this article, we'll first look at Java's single dispatch and Java's overloading and then use what we have learned to understand multiple dispatch and how it solves some design dilemmas that can't be solved with single dispatch.


Remove white space around PDF graphics with pdfcrop

[2009-03-08] latex, hack, pdf


Generate emails with mailto URLs and Python

[2009-02-14] dev, python